What You Need

  • Do-A-Dot Art! Pick two sets of 2-3 colors, which blend well together. For the pink bag in this Easter project we used: Magenta, Pink, Lemon Yellow, Sunflower Yellow (find colors in these sets) Brilliant 6 Pack, Tutti Frutti Shimmer 5 Pack
  • 8.5 in x 11 in 60 lb. cardstock paper
  • Gift Bag – We used a 9 ¾” x 7 ¾”, feel free to use any size bag. 
  • 2 Pipe Cleaners per bag
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Foam Adhesive Circles

How To

Step 1

  • Print the Bunny Bag template on 60 lb. cardstock paper, and Do-A-Dot the ears, eyes, nose and feet. Have fun; let the little ones get creative with their patterns. It is best if the inside ears are a contrasting color to the ears so they are visible when glued together.

Step 2

  • Cut out all the pieces and glue the inside ears to the ears. You can use Glue, the Foam Adhesive Circles, or double-sided tape to attach all the pieces to your Bunny Bag.

Step 3

  • To make the Bunny whiskers fold each pipe cleaner in half, and twist once.

Step 4

  • The twists will give you a little circular base to attach your Foam Adhesive Circle. Use one between the two pipe cleaners. One to attach the pipe cleaners to the bag and one to attach the nose to the whiskers. This will give your bunny dimension.
  • – Happy Easter! Your little Easter egg hunters will be happy you made these.