What You Need

  • Do-A-Dot Art! Pick 4-5 colors, which blend well together. For this Valentine look we used: Red, Magenta, Pink, Violet, Purple (find colors in these sets) 
  • 14 in x 17 in 100 lb paper Bristol vellum surface
  • Painters Tape 
  • Scissors

How To

Step 1

  • Tape up your letters. Cut little squares of tape to create the circular shape of the “O”. For crisp edges be sure to seal the tape to the paper. Our favorite painters tape is FROGTAPE. We opted to self-matte this piece of art. To do this we bordered each edge with the painter’s tape, but only use half the width of tape.

Step 2

  • Make sure to have your little one first go around all the edges of each letter to ensure they are legible when finished. Do the same around the boarder for a crisp matted look.

Step 3

  • Let your little one Dot their heart out to fill the space. Turn on some good music and enjoy the process!!! 
  • Happy Valentines! Your Walls will be happy you did this!!!