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Mini Island Pastels 6 Pack Dot Markers
Mini Island Pastels 6 Pack Dot Markers

Color an amazing seascape or a beautiful mermaid with Do A Dot Art! Island Bright Mini Dots & Doodles. Mini dots have a smaller felt tip that is perfect for allowing little artist to get...

Farm Animal Friends coloring book
Farm Animal Friends

And on his farm he had a PIG! What is your favorite farm animal? Find them all in this wonderful Do A Dot Art! coloring book, “Farm Animal Friends.” This creative activity book is a...

Who`s In the Zoo coloring book
Who`s In the Zoo

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears oh my! If you like to go to the zoo and see all of the exotic animals, then this is the book for you! Like all Do A Dot Art...

Under the Sea coloring book
Under the Sea

Explore the realm Under the Sea with this fun and exciting Do A Dot Art coloring book! This collection of fun and fascinating sea creatures includes big bold artwork of dolphins, sea turtles, starfish, sharks...

Class Pack - 25 Count
Class Pack - 25 Count

The Original Do A Dot Art! Markers are perfect for classrooms, this 25 count class pack makes it easy to share! This box includes our traditional rainbow colors and several other fun colors including shimmery...

Color Me Nursery Rhymes coloring book
Color Me Nursery Rhymes

Learn classic nursery rhymes like Humpty Dumpty, Hickory Dickery Dock and more, with our Nursery Rhymes coloring book. This activity book is a great art infused introduction for pre-reading. Rediscover your favorite nursery rhymes, and...

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