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Our Story

The sky can be bubblegum colored and horses can be bluish-orangey-green. For kids, imagination comes in all sorts of colors. Most of which aren’t in a box set. That’s why we help kids create their own colors, so that they can express themselves freely. Now, if you’ve been around kids, you’ve witnessed the magic of creative play. And the mess that sometimes comes with it.

25 years ago, Tina, an enterprising full-time mom and part-time preschool teacher, was the type of person that never shied away from getting out paints and messy art materials. Tina understood the importance of giving children the freedom to explore and create. She noticed that when it came to creative playtime, she was the exception not the rule.

Learning from her experiences and interaction with children, Tina invented a new mess-free way to let kids dip into all the colors of their imagination. It was a special dot paint applicator. This new invention was simple yet significant. Children were able to layer and blend colors like never before. They could fill in large spaces, shapes, and create textures. Children loved the new art medium. Parents and teachers loved the finished projects; especially the easy setup and cleanup.

Thankfully, Tina did not let her idea live only within the walls of her preschool. She nurtured it and let it grow. The businesswoman in her recognized the potential in this product and along with her husband Rob; they went on to build a high quality art medium that grew from being a creative apparatus for kids to an educational tool with significant impact. Do-A-Dot Art! is the original dot art marker, and to this day mess-free painting for kids is revolutionary.

Do-A-Dot Art! continues to be a family run business that aims to make the world a more creative place one colorful dot at a time.


About our philosophy

Do-A-Dot Art! is a company that values experience with a simple wish to raise a generation of free thinkers.

Our goal is to harness the natural creativity that lies within each child. We hope to inspire children to revel in the joy of imaginative play; building forts made of couch cushions, castles made of sand, or lying beneath the clouds telling magical stories from the shapes we see. Imagination is what transforms a plain sheet of paper into a masterpiece.

Do-A-Dot Art! provides children with art mediums that empower them to explore the adventures of their imagination. Our markers are tools that teach them to be fearless in their expression.

We want children to have the freedom to make their own choices, think creatively, and feel confident. Through art we hope children develop a foundation for a love for learning, discovering, and creating that will last a lifetime.


Made in America

Everything we do at Do-A-Dot Art! is with the best interests of children in mind, starting with where our product is made.We choose to make our markers on our home turf in the USA. When it comes to safety we hold ourselves to the highest standards because we think of your little ones as our own.

We are proud of the employment opportunities we create in the USA as a small manufacturer. As a family run business we put a lot of pride into our products, and we are grateful to have a dedicated team that assembles our paint sets in a harmonious special needs work center. We value their excellent work ethics, and attention to detail. We appreciate the love and care they put into each and every assembled set of Do-A-Dot Art! Markers.

We hope that you and your family enjoy using Do-A-Dot Art! Markers as much as we enjoy making them. Together, let’s add more color to our world.

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