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Stored properly with a cap on, in a cool, dry space, each box of six markers holds enough ink to completely cover over 1250 8.5x11 sheets of paper! That is a lot of dots!

At Do-A-Dot Art! safety is our first priority. That is why our formulas are made with clean ingredients. Our dauber tip application provides a fun, clean easy way for children to enjoy art. Occasionally children will get the medium on their hands and forearms. Not to worry it will usually come off in one wash. However, at certain times of the year skin tends to be dryer, and dry skin hangs onto pigment. Like grape juice it does come off shortly with your own body oils. Wash once or twice with soap and water. We recommend not over washing as that further dries the skin, instead apply your favorite moisturizer or body/kitchen oil (Avocado, oconut and Almond are some of our favorites!)

Do-A-Dot Art! Is machine washable from most children's play clothes. No pretreatment is required. We have had excellent results with detergents with color safe bleach additives. Do-A-Dot Art! Markers along with most other art materials may be difficult to remove from silk and wool as these natural fibers love to hang on to pigment. The good news is most children don’t do arts and crafts in silk and wool.

Do-A-Dot Art! is best suited for non-porous art/kitchen/craft tables. Do-A-Dot Art! is not recommended on porous materials such as wood, carpet, rugs, and walls.

Our products are soy, gluten, wheat, tree nut, casein, peanut, egg, and dairy free. Our product does not contain any latex. Do-A-Dot Art! Markers are manufactured in our own facility where cross contamination cannot occur.

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