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🍀 Cutest 4-leaf Clover Pinwheel Craft! 🍀

February 2023 | Kristin Rapert

It's that time again! We're excited to share the adorable Do A Dot Art! Craft of the Month! This month we're sure to stay away from pinches playing with the cutest 4-leaf Clover Pinwheel Craft! 



 ✅ Step ONE: Let's gather our materials! You just need our adorable Pinwheel Heart Cutout Printed on some card stock! Your green Do A Dot Art! Markers, Scissors, a hole punch, a festive straw, some tap, and a a gold clasp. 



 ✅ STEP TWO: Use your Do A Dot Art! Markers to make the prettiest green dots all over your hearts! 



 ✅ STEP THREE: Add EVEN MORE Do A Dot Art! Dots 



 ✅ STEP FOUR: Cut out your hearts 



 ✅ STEP FIVE: Punch a hole in the bottom of your heart, but be sure it's not TOO close to the bottom so the clasp tears the hole open! 



 ✅ STEP SIX: Attach all of your hearts with the gold clasp and wrap the clasp ends around the straw! Use tape to help hold the clasp to to the straw and you're all set! 



💚 This would make an adorable card for a loved one, or neighbor! Use it in a bouquet for a pop of DOT color, or use it as wall decoration. Whatever you do, those Do A Dot Art! Dots will be a hit! 💚

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