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ūü¶á A Project to Go Absolutely Batty Over!! ūü¶á

October 2023 | Kristin Rapert

We love this time of year! When the crafts get cute and spooky. Did you know there are roughly 1,500 types of bats? Your children will enjoy creating their bat designs or maybe look up types of bats to get some ideas. 

We love our Rainbow, Brilliant, and Jewel Tones Do A Dot Art! Markers for this project to reflect the darker tones indicative of bats, and the Jewel Tones markers are super fun because they make mini dots! And using different box sets gives you a great opportunity to try different shades and complementary colors!

Take this chance to learn about bats as you craft, and get that Halloween decorating going. And, in case you get batty colors on your fingers, don't worry, Do A Dot Art! is washable with soap and water. 

ūü¶á¬†Step ONE:¬†Gather your materials!¬†

 Gather your supplies

You will need:

  • Black clothespins or regular clothespins painted black.
  • Glue¬†(we like Tacky Glue)
  • Scissors
  • Coffee filters
  • Googly Eyes
  • Your Favorite Do A Dot Art! marker colors! (We picked the Rainbow,¬†Brilliant, and¬†Jewel Tones¬†markers¬†for our project)¬†


ūü¶á Step TWO:¬†Decorate your bat bodies (the coffee filters) with your favorite colors and designs).

* Pro tip - Double up each coffee filter to make each bat look more "fluffy and full."

Color Coffee Filters           Design Coffee Filters


ūü¶á¬†Step THREE:¬†Fold each set of coffee filters into quarters and¬†scallop the edges into pointed edges to give the look of a bat wing.

Fold Coffee Filters Cut Edges 


ūü¶á¬†Step¬†Four:¬†Glue your googly eyes¬†onto your clothes pins.

Glue Googly Eyes           Bat Eyes


ūü¶á¬†Step FIVE:¬†Take one of your coffee¬†filter sets folded in half and pinch it together inside the clipping side of the clothespin.

Bat Wings           Your Bats


ūü¶á¬†Step¬†SIX:¬†Find the perfect spot in any room to decorate with these cute and spooky bats. They work great to attach onto other decorations, clip onto plants and trees, or to hold up other art pieces and projects. The batty decor possibilities are endless.¬†


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