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­čî× Colorful Popsicle Project to Keep Summer Going! ­čî×

August 2023 | Kristin Rapert

We are embracing the dog days of summer with a DIY popsicle craft for August featuring bright colors and a yummy design! Your children will enjoy creating their own popsicle flavor designs with these super cute cutouts.

We love our Ultra Bright Shimmer and Ice Cream Dream, Do A Dot Art! Markers for this project to reflect the delicious colors of popsicles, and the Ice Cream Dream markers smell yummy, too! And using two different box sets gives you a great opportunity to try different shades and complementary colors!

Take this chance to open a sweet treat of popsicles as you craft, and keep the summer going just a little bit longer. And, in case you get some popsicle juice or marker "juice" on your clothes, don't worry, Do A Dot Art! is washable.

­čî× Step ONE:┬áGather your materials!┬á

You will need:

  • Our printable popsicle template, printed on plain white printer paper. (Print two sets to make your popsicles double sided.)
  • Tape
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Popsicle sticks (Large Size)
  • Your Favorite Do A Dot Art! marker colors! (We picked the┬áUltra Bright Shimmer and Ice Crem Dream markers┬áfor our project)┬á


­čî×┬áStep TWO:┬áCut out the popsicle designs along the cut lines.


­čî×┬áStep THREE:┬áSelect the colors you want to use and get to work on adding color and creating your design. You can use the glue stick to secure any pieces you choose together. Be sure that you add color to the side of the cutout that does not have cut marks. That way any remaining cut marks will be hidden on the inside of the popsicle when the sides are put together.┬á



­čî×┬áStep FOUR:┬áTape the popsicle sticks to the back of one side of the popsicle printout.



­čî×┬áStep FIVE:┬áLine the edges of the remaining popsicle┬áprintouts with the glue and then match up the edges to the side that you just taped the stick to. Press the edges together to seal and be sure to let them dry fully before you try to move them. Be sure to do one at a time so that the glue does not dry too quickly.


­čî×┬áStep SIX:┬áDisplay or play.

Find the perfect spot in any room to display this tasty and colorful project. They work great for any popsicle party with real or pretend friends. The possibilities for fun are endless. 

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