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Adorable Family Valentine's Day Craft

January 2023 | Kristin Rapert

We know that all of our Do-A-Dot Art! fans LOVE our free printables! However, we want to showcase another amazing way to use Do-A-Dot Art! as a family to decorate your home for Valentine's Day! This is an easy family project that does require the help of a big kid or an adult. Let's make a Valentine's Day Garland! 


💗 Step ONE: Gather your materials! 



All supplies needed to make Valentine's Newspaper Garland with Do A Dot Art!



You will need:

  • Our printable heart template, printed on heavy cardstock, for the best results
  • A Pencil
  • Some twine/string/ribbon
  • A newspaper
  • Your Favorite Do A Dot Art! Valentine's Day colors! 



    • Doily Hearts or another backing for some of your hearts
    • Heart punch or you can create a smaller template or free-hand smaller hearts if you want varied sizing! 


      💚 Step TWO: Spread out your newspaper and get busy dotting! You can gently drag or swirl, overlap colors, and create adorable patterns with your Do-A-Dot Art! Markers! 


      Do A Do Art! Marker dots on NewspaperDo A Dot Art! Markers on Newspaper

      Do A Dot Art! Markers on Newspaper



      💙 Step THREE: While you let your littles do the dottin', you can cut out our heart templates! 


      Do A Dot Art! Heart Template with Scissors, demonstrating how to cut the hearts out



      🧡 Step FOUR: After you allow your Dot Masterpieces on the newspaper to dry, use your heart templates to track and cut out your Do-A-Dot Art! newspaper hearts! 


      Tracing the Do A Dot Art! Heart template on the dotted and dried newspaper



      💛 Step FIVE: Cut out additional hearts in whatever sizes you prefer



      💜 Step SIX: Attach any backing, in our case, we thought it would be adorable to use lacy doily hearts for our letter hearts! 



      ❤️ Step SEVEN: Choose a phrase to write on your hearts if you like!

      Some great ones: 

      • LOVE 
      • I LOVE YOU
      • GAL PALS 
      • XOXO


        🤍 Step EIGHT: Use a hole punch or tape, attach your adorable hearts to your garland string of choice, and hand or drape your adorable Valentine's Day Garland anywhere you like! 


        Finished Valentine's Day Garland using Do A Dot Art Markers! and other supplies


        Ideas for placement: 

        • Kid's Bathroom Mirror
        • Entry Table 
        • Kitchen Island
        • Fireplace Mantel
        • Playroom Bookshelf
        • Chalkboard/Bulletin Board 



          🖤 We hope you enjoyed this quick, fun, and cute Do-A-Dot Art! Valentine's Day Garland craft! We'll see you next month for a fun and colorful St. Patrick's Day craft! 🌈



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