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Beautiful Stained Glass Windows Craft for Any Window

April 2023 | Kristin Rapert

Whatever the view from your windows, your kiddos can help level it up with a gorgeous stained glass craft. Do A Dot Art! markers can be used in many fun and creative ways. Keep reading to learn how you can make this craft.  

Step ONE: Gather your materials! 


Step ONE: Gather your materials!

You will need:

  • Our printable butterfly and heart, printed on copy paper. Please note that we recommend cardstock paper for many of our crafts; however, this time, we suggest copy paper because it must be thinner to allow for the "Stained glass effect" to work.
  • Any type of clear oil - olive, almond. cooking, body oil.
  • Cookie sheet to help contain any mess from the oil and easy clean up.
  • Cotton balls
  • Your Favorite Do A Dot Art! marker colors! 


    Step TWO: Set out the markers you want to use and get to coloring the printable just the way want it. Optional, place a coloring mat under printable.


    Set up your markers.Add color to the printable.


    Step THREE: Depending on the age of your littles, you may want to help with this step. Place the colored printable on the cookie sheet. Get your cotton balls and oil to begin to create the stained glass effect. Add oil to the cotton ball and gently rub the cotton ball over the front of the printable (ink side up). Be sure to cover the full page with the oil to get the full effect.


    Put oil on your cotton ball.Rub the cotton ball with oil over the printable sheet.
    Cover the full page with oil.

    And you're done! Easy Peasy!

    Finished Heart Stained Glass ProjectFinished Burtterfly Stained Glass Craft

    Step FOUR: Display! Find a sunny window to display your beautiful stained glass heart or butterfly.

    Stained Glass Craft Displayed.Stained Glass Craft Displayed.
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