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🍓🥝🍉 Bright and Colorful Magic Crayon Project to Celebrate Summer! 🍓🥝🍉

June 2023 | Kristin Rapert

Our DIY craft for June features bright colors and a little bit of MAGIC! Your children will enjoy creating surprise designs or messages with the white crayon, and seeing it appear when they use bright, and fun Do A Dot Art! Markers to fill in the sections with color!
We love our Juicy Fruit Markers for this project to emphasize the bright color perfect for Summer, and did you know they smell yummy, too! This is a great opportunity to set out a bowl of colorful fruit and eat your way through the rainbow while you craft! The best part, all of our markers are made here in the USA, and are non-toxic and allergy free. 

🍉 Step ONE: Gather your materials! 🍉🍒🍓

Step ONE: Gather your materials!   Step ONE: Gather and Get Ready!

You will need:

  • Plain white cardstock paper
  • Painters tape or electric tape (any type that can be removed from paper)
  • Scissors to cut the tape
  • White crayon
  • Your Favorite Do A Dot Art! marker colors! (We picked the Juicy Fruits Scented Markers for our project) 🍓🥝🍉


🥝 Step TWO: Set out the markers you want to use and put the tape just the way want it on the sheet of cardstock. Optional, place a coloring mat under cardstock.

Step Two: Get the tape on the way you want


🍓 Step THREE: Using the white crayon, add shapes to each section of your paper. Then, using your Dot Markers, dab colors into each section.




🍌 Step Four: Peel back the tape to reveal the bright white paper. 



🍒 Step Five: Display!

Find the perfect spot in any room to display this fun and colorful project. Use multiple pages to make a larger picture when all put together. The possibilities are endless. 


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