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Hippity Hoppity Cute Bunny Craft!

March 2023 | Kristin Rapert

🌷🌼🌻 Spring is here, and that means it's time to celebrate Easter with a cute bunny project!  And the adorable Do A Dot Art! Craft of the Month does not disappoint! So hop over to your craft supplies and get ready to be creative.


🐇 Step ONE: Let's gather our materials! You will need our super sweet Bunny Cutout printed on card stock, an extra sheet of cardstock, your Do A Dot Art! Markers in any colors you choose, scissors, some tape, glue, and a cute pompom for the tail. 


Do A Dot Art! Bunny Craft Supplies


🐇 STEP TWO: Click on this link to download the bunny stencil. Cut out the bunny printout to make a stencil. 


Bunny Craft Step Two


🐇 STEP THREE: Take pieces of tape and fold each piece over itself with the sticky side out, and line the edges of the stencil with the pieces of tape. Place the bunny stencil on the additional piece of cardstock.


Step Three - Tape the Stencil 

🐇 STEP FOUR: Use your Do A Dot Art! Markers to make the prettiest dot design all around the bunny on your paper! When you're happy with your design, remove the stencil and glue on the pompom tail.


Step Four - Make a Design and Add Tail


💗💗 This makes an adorable card for a loved one or friends! Make them in different colors, and use them to decorate for Easter. However you use your bunny craft, the Do A Dot Art! Dots will bring some smiles! 💗💗


Do A Dot Art! Bunny Craft Final

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